Tips on furniture maintenance in summer

The weather in summer is generally changeable, sometimes hot and dry, sometimes rainy and humid, and the light, temperature and humidity change rapidly, which is unfavorable for furniture maintenance. If you don't pay attention, your beloved furniture may be damaged. Today, Xiaobian brings you some knowledge about furniture maintenance.
1、 General maintenance methods for furniture
1. Avoid direct sunlight
The sunshine in summer is the first killer of furniture. The ultraviolet ray in the sunshine in summer is very strong. The first protective measure for furniture made of solid wood, plate or cloth is to avoid direct sunlight. There are two main methods. First, when placing furniture, try to place it in a place that cannot be exposed to sunlight. Second, take measures to isolate the summer sunshine.
2. Avoid the air conditioner vent
In summer, due to the hot weather, the air conditioner is normally on most of the time. At this time, the furniture should be kept away from the air outlet of the air conditioner to avoid cracking, damage or premature aging of furniture, especially wooden furniture, caused by huge temperature difference.
3. Leave a gap between furniture and wall
The furniture against the wall should keep a gap of 0.5-1 cm with the wall. Because it is humid in summer, the wall will often return to damp, and a layer of water drops will often condense on the wall. In summer, if water mist condenses on the surface of furniture, it needs to be treated in time. You can use a soft dry cloth to wipe it off, and at the same time, let the room ventilate and dehumidify.
2、 Maintenance method of solid wood+panel furniture
Solid wood furniture: In summer, solid wood furniture should avoid too much temperature change, and methods such as avoiding direct sunlight can be taken to prevent cracking of solid wood furniture. In addition, special cleaning agent can be used for curing, protective wax or special cleaning agent can be used to evenly smear on the furniture surface, and then gently wipe it to maintain its luster and prevent dryness.
In the humid and sultry weather in summer, try not to directly use the duster cloth with water to wipe the solid wood furniture, to prevent it from being affected with moisture and deformation and reduce its service life.
Panel furniture: In summer, when removing the dust on panel furniture, it is best to use pure cotton knitted cloth, and then use a soft wool brush to remove the dust in concave or embossed patterns.
3、 Maintenance method of fabric+leather furniture
Fabric furniture: A major problem that fabric furniture faces in summer is that it is easy to become a place where dust accumulates. At this time, it needs to be dedusted frequently. In summer, brush cloth furniture with a vacuum cleaner or brush at least once a week to prevent dust or stains from being left in the fiber for a long time. In summer, avoid sitting on cloth furniture with sweat, water and mud stains.